Zuckerberg San Francisco General

Public Hospital and Trauma Center

Strategic Positioning
Digital Display


An amazing story, San Francisco’s General Hospital has been integral to the health of the City for more than 150 years, but had never deliberately branded themselves. We were hired to discover the unique truths, of which there were many, to position the hospital so they could get the credit they deserved. From those truths we created a new logo to complement their new name that acknowledges the generous contribution of Dr. Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg and an outreach campaign to bring a breadth of meaning to the new tagline–Care. Work was produced in English, Spanish and Cantonese.

“BrowneMusser was faced with an extraordinary challenge: in mere months re-position a 150-year old civic institution – San Francisco General Hospital – and integrate legacy, improve public perception, and deliver messaging that unifies city leadership, hospital staff, and patients around a new identity. Timing was tight, scrutiny and expectations were high, and BrowneMusser delivered. Their deft, thorough, and insightful discovery led to a profound identity shift in San Francisco for its public hospital. This repositioning was carried through in a media campaign they designed and executed that likewise exceeded expectations and was incredibly well-received. Finally, a new patient-centered website for ZSFG will be a high-caliber addition to the brand. The BrowneMusser team approach is professional, creative, and comprehensive. They are great people and wonderful to work with..”

Matt Schaffer, VP, Marketing
San Francisco General Hospital Foundation