We launched in August 2008, just as the marketing world was rapidly changing. The economy collapsed in October, a new President was elected, and Apple just introduced the iPhone. Clients were scrambling for new ways to get their message out to an increasingly fragmented audience. From the beginning, we embraced the new. We combined our Madison Avenue experience, digital prowess, and entrepreneurial scrappiness to get results. Our Hub & Spoke model proved effective, as clients no longer had to turn to multiple entities to get their marketing needs met.

Who are we?

BrowneMusser is lead by Patrick Browne and Jeff Musser. We met at Deutsch, where we both started our careers. Our paths were slightly different, but when we reconnected in San Francisco, we realized that our goals were the same—take the learning we gained from working with the best and brightest at Deutsch, Hal Riney and Partners, Chiat Day, BBDO, and Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners, then shed the mumbo jumbo marketing speak to simplify and demystify the process of doing great marketing.

The Hub & Spoke Model

Our model allows us to select the best talent and specific expertise required to meet our clients’ needs. During our 20+ years in the business, we’ve amassed a group of professionals to turn to when needed. It keeps our overhead low and maximizes our flexibility. Clients love that.

Visit us at the end of the Taylor Street cable car line. Or contact us via email or phone, if that’s more convenient.

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