June 25, 2015

BrowneMusser Launches Mr. Green

We here at BrowneMusser. are really excited about the new campaign that we are rolling out for Adyen. Adyen is a global leader in international payment processing. They help some companies you’ve probably heard of, like Facebook and Netflix, collect payments in the far reaches of the world. Adyen allows international companies effectively do commerce everywhere.


We have learned a ton about how people pay differently around the globe. Not everyone just plunks down the their debit or credit card to pay for things. And when you are trying to do business globally, being able to accept payment in multiple currencies can get complicated very quickly. Adyen helps all that by letting companies accept over 250 different payment methods in over 200 countries, all through one platform. At the risk of drinking the Koolaid® here, that is pretty amazing.

We worked hard to get that benefit down to a simple and emotional message. Simply stated, Adyen is everywhere. They help big businesses that are expanding globally fully understand how people want to pay for things. Adyen is the local guy and Adyen is a local everywhere.

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