March 2, 2015

Riney Reunion


Hal Riney: July 17, 1932 – March 24, 2008

It’s been seven years since
Hal Riney passed away. So some of us decided to get together to raise a toast to the man who got us all together in the first place.

Thursday, March 26, 2015
6pm to 10pm
125 Vallejo


Please join us.

Make a comment below to let us know you’re coming.


  1. Patrick Browne

    If it’s not already obvious, I’ll be there. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

  2. Kaaren James

    This will be AWESOME! Thanks for organizing Patrick!

  3. Renee Chrisman O'Neil

    Grumpy’s! I’m in!

  4. Michele Sileo

    Pat. We can always count on you to get us together. Looking forward to it!

  5. Analisa Payne

    this is going to be fun!

  6. Jenni Hamilton

    Love this. See you all soon!

  7. Mimi Cook


  8. Bonnie Wan

    Not sure I will be in town but count me in if I am!

  9. Todd Peters

    Great idea, will try!

  10. Sam Walsh

    Fuck yeah.

  11. Mike Wilmot

    Great idea Pat- wish I could swing a trip. Have fun everyone.!

  12. Rich Kaufman

    I can’t make it to SF but is there a Grumpy’s on the lower east side of Manhattan? Patrick, it’s been 20 years since the 1 Park Avenue days.

  13. James Gassel


    Fired up!!!!!

  14. troy tarwater

    Great idea. Might be hard to make it from NYC but will try. Have fun.
    We did a small NYC reunion a couple years ago, it was a blast.

  15. Andy VanAken

    I may try to make a trip up there. It woudl be great to see everyone.

  16. Dave Fausel

    Oh man. I want to be there, but not sure I can swing it.

    That being said, lets do a nyc reunion the same night? We certainly have a quorom here.

  17. Catherine McCulloch Knudsen

    Wish I could click my heels and be there ! Have fun! I will raise a glass from this side of the country.
    xo cat

  18. Heather Wolfe

    It’s in my iCal !!

  19. Max Butler

    I will be there.

  20. Daphne

    I’m coming!

  21. Sounds like fun! I”m in! Can’t wait to see you all in person!

  22. Allas, I will not be able to attend. Tip a few for me!

  23. Anders Pers

    In the immortal words of Morrissey, fuck yeah. Or maybe it was Fogel. Or Else. No, it was Dalthorp. I’m sure of it.

  24. mary johnstone

    So fun. Those were the days! Looking forward to it.



  26. Jim Vaughan

    It’s also the day before my birthday, just sayin’

  27. Jan Carpenter

    So sad I won’t be able to make this. Anders, It wasn’t Else, it was Muegge. Here’s to Hal.

  28. Jack Harding

    Wait. Hal’s dead?

  29. Juan Alfonso

    Grumpy’s… haven’t heard that name in many years. Very cool idea. I won’t be able to make it, but have fun!

  30. tom else

    what the fuck? maybe, i will be there.

  31. walter smith

    Tom, let’s go up together.

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